Kitchen Lighting

After much thought and confusion, I have finally decided what to do for lighting in the kitchen.  There are already two chandeliers in the room–one over the island and one over the kitchen table.  They are nice chandeliers, but it’s not really the “look” I want to go with in the room.  Maybe a little too shabby chic…

The new lighting is somewhat industrial looking, but it also has an old world look as well.  I think they will go with with the whitewashed table I’ve picked out and the roundback French chairs (another post on chairs).  I did not want any crystals in this room.  I’m going to have crystal chandeliers in two other rooms, so I wanted this room to have a different feel.  I do not want the kitchen to feel “fancy” or “glitzy” in any way–just homey and comfortable. 

I feel like I’m buying so many things a Restoration Hardware, but shockingly the prices there are quite a bit lower than the stores in Dallas and the sites I’ve found online.  And they have what I’m looking for right now.  I love the direction they have gone in with their style.  Everything’s soft , neutral and a little European. 

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