My Dream Coffee Tables

I have found several coffee tables I would love to have for the formal living room—none of which I really want to dig deeply into my budget for.  I’m looking for something gold.  It can be a little retro or a little French.  Here are two different examples a something I would like to find…

This one is from Mecox

And this one is from High Fashion Home.

2 thoughts on “My Dream Coffee Tables

  1. we have SUCH the same style! I’m looking for a new coffee table, too. preferably glass, preferably gold. I also need a long skinny console table in the same style for behind my couch.

    my only worry with the glass coffee table is that the baby will get fingerprints all over it all the time, especially the underside. After some advice I received on twitter, I steered away from a glass kitchen table for this reason. But I think I need the glass to lighten up the room a bit. Decisions, decisions.

    I love your new blog!

    • There is a long skinny, gold sofa table at an antique store called Mockingbird Manor here in OKC. I wish I could magically send it to you 😦 I think it was only like $235. I almost bought it, but I don’t really need it! Maybe I’m naive, but I’m hoping this living room won’t be where the kiddies hang out. So I’m not too worried about the glass or my white couch! We have a playroom and a family room, so I’m hoping to corale children into these rooms and away from living room. I would agree with no glass table for the kitchen. The hand prints would drive me crazy. We’re going to have pained, glass doors into our kitchen, and I’m already worried about little handprints on those doors. My husband is the one who wants them, so I told him he had to clean them.

      I have searched and searched the internet for a coffee table. Everything I’ve found is just soooo pricey. Let me know if you find anything! Here’s another option…

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