Kitchen Before Pics

The brick pavers in the kitchen have been jack-hammered out.  It was a mess!  Dust everywhere!  It looks so much better without it.  Really not my style.  I can’t wait to see the black tile down!   Both of the cabinets in the breakfast area have been demolished thanks to my wonderful husband!    It looks fabulous!  It was kind of a gamble taking out those cabinets, but I’m so glad I did.  There will be a window seat in the cove in the bay window. 

It is not visible from these pictures, but the woodwork was done very poorly.  There are gaps and cracks everywhere.  These will all be fixed.  I love the marble, but I’m nervous about how porous it is.  We are going to try to get a farmhouse sink in where the old sink is.

The chandeliers are both coming down.  There is one over the island and one over the kitchen table.  We will put in recessed lighting and two large pendants over the kitchen table.  So excited about all of this!!!!

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