Living Room Before Picture

Looks like this is the only living room picture we took.  There were two holes on the woodwork above the mantel where sconces has been.  You will see how wonderful the fireplace looks on the after pictures.  Todd did a wonderful job of patching the wood.  Todd also took down the fake chair rail.  They had the top half of the walls painted one color, and the bottom is supposed to look like wainscoating.  However, it’s really fake.  That isn’t wood it’s just texture with trim over it made to look like wood.  The entire room will be the same color as the entryway and upstairs hallway.  It’s called “Sandpiper” from Home Depot.  I think the painters color-matched it at HIS paint.  I’m hoping it turns out the same color.

Miguel, our electrictian, put in at least 10 new recessed lights1  We will have the lighting on two different switches and a dimmer.  I HATE dark rooms, so I think Todd has provided me with enough light!  HA  I also have plans for at least three lamps. 

This is the room with the white sofa and Lyon chairs from RH.  I also have a beautiful marble console table for one of the walls.  I’m still in the process of figuring out this room.  It is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, and it will be where we entertain for showers and parties so I want it to be special.

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