We’re supposed to move in Friday?!?!

Yay!  The ugly brick pavers are gone!  I guess I won’t be using the kitchen for awhile…  Right now, there is no stove or sink.  The carptenter has starting working and the tile should start going in next week.

The out-dated cabinets in the breakfast area are gone!  Thanks to my awesome husband!  He’s great at demo.  We have a dumpster in our drive that is completely full.  Chandeliers have not been taken down yet.

This is the dining room.  Wallpaper has been taken down, and they textured the walls. 

This is the entryway looking into the living room.  The stairs are on the right. 

The fireplace looks excelent.  You can see on the wall where I’ve painted all my different color options.  This is always a good idea.  Paint always looks different when you get it on the walls.  It also changes with different lighting.  It is ALWAYS worth the money to buy samples before you buy the gallon.  You can also see where they’ve taken on off the fake wainscoating, patched, and textured the walls.

This is the playroom.  You can see where they’ve patched all the holes where the speakers were.  There is a window behind that wall. 

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