How do I organize my new office?

I am a very crafty person.  I paint, draw, wrap gifts, hot glue, sew, etc.  We are moving from a two bedroom house to a five bedroom house.  I have had to be very “crafty” organizing and storing all of my materials at the old house.  I have taken over closets and pushed my husband’s stuff right out in order to have all my perfect materials easily available for my every creative whim.  Now, I’m going to have my own room!  There are no words to express my joy about this room.  It’s so wonderful and amazing, I’m having a difficult time figuring out how I want the room organizing.  How will space be best utilized?

Here is a list of things I have been mulling over:

1)How do you organize magazines?  I obsess over magazines.  I find vendors from magazines.  I get inspiration from magazines.  I find things I hate in magazines.  I know some people cut out certain pictures they like and put them in binders.  I am wary of this.  I tend to remember something in a picture by what magazine it’s in.  And sometimes, I might look back through it and find something I didn’t see before.  If I had just cut out what I like then that picture would have been thrown away.  However, I know I can’t keep every magazine, so I’m thinking this might be what I have to do…  Do you have a collection of magazines?  How do you organize them?  Please post pictures and advice. 

2) How do I use my space wisely for all of my supplies?  I have plastic containers right now full of my supplies.  This method actually works really well for me.  I have everything dumped in the bucket-containers from Target.  These are stackable also.  I don’t know if they still make these, but I think I need more.  How do you store your craft and art materials?

3) What kind of work table or tables do I need?  I already have a LARGE desk I used in graduate school.  It is ugly but super functional.  I saw Martha Stewart make a really neat craft table on her show yesterday.  She used a door and some of her new stackable storage cubes from Home Depot.  It was cheap and very functional.  It was about waist-high.  Should I have two work tables in the room?  Does that take up too much space?  Check out the Martha Stewart storage cubes at Home Depot.  They are very reasonable and practical.

4) What is the “feel” of the room?  Yes, there will gobs of stuff everywhere, but I don’t want it to feel cluttered.  What objects do I need in the room to help me feel calm and inspired?

Here are a few rooms that inspire me:


I love the storage in this room.  All the white containers seem very clean and organized. 


I love the colors in this room.  Very inspiring and fun!


I love the colors in this room also, however; this is what I want to steer away from.  There is so much clutter that it makes me a little uneasy.  This would not be a calm place for me to work.  This will probably be how my room turns out….haha

All of these pictures came from this site:

7 thoughts on “How do I organize my new office?

    • I know this is what I’m going to have to do. There are several things stumping me. Sometimes I’m looking for a specific thing. Like I want to find a bench or a mirror, and I don’t want to have to go through a whole book just to find one item. Does this mean that I need a look book for every little category? Like do I just need to have specific look book for tables, one for kitchens, one or paint color, one for chandeliers? This overwhelms me. Maybe it’s the librarian in me that wants to make it more organized… Also, how do you organize websites on your computer? Do you have them all in folders in your favorites? Right now, I have it by room and it actually works pretty well. Maybe this is how I need to do the look books–by room. Hmmm… Things to ponder. Laura, love your look book entry. I would love to look through them!

  1. You need to take a trip to Dallas and visit the Container Store and Ikea they have so many cool organizational things! I think they have a tool online at the container store that helps you organize your room.

    • I’ve been looking at Ikea’s storage units online. I think they might work for the playroom. I still don’t know exactly what I want in my office. Sometimes I feel like the Container Store is overpriced. Good suggestions!

  2. Stacy, why don’t you try some tabs in a binder? You can title them “benches” or “lighting”, etc and that way it can become cross functional since all catagories can be used in all rooms? That’s how I do it. When I get a great magazine that I can’t dare part with (Luxe, for example), I store it in a vertical bin. I’ll take a pic of my office org system and post on your FB wall:) Hope this helps!

    • Oh yes! Please do! I think you’re right Lindsey. I need tabs. I’ve also been thinking that I might put the pictures in plastic sleeves. This way I could take them out and move them around easily. I would love to see your bins, also. Where did you get them? I’m kinda thinking like the bins in the picture with all the white stuff.

  3. Yes, clear plastic sleeves are a must. That’s how all mine are organized. It’s nice that way because you can throw a matching swatch in there, if needed.

    My office setup is from Pottery Barn, it’s the bedford collection. The Bedford Project Table sounds kind of like what you are looking for. I got all my organizer at The Container Store and Target. My office is cream, white and 2 different shades of green, with some chocolate brown linen thrown in here and there. It’s a pigsty right now, but when I get it cleaned up I’ll take a pic of the whole thing, but for now I’ll FB you a pic of my floating shelves.

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