The paint is complete (in most of the house)!  Everything but the kitchen, family room, and all of the bathrooms has been painted.  They sprayed all of the walls, ceiling, and wood trim.  It took a week and a half, and it made a huge difference.  I love all the paint colors we picked out.  It looks fresh, rich, and soothing.  I’m not sure the pictures do a great job of showing the true colors.  I’ve used many different kinds of paint in the past.  This time, I picked out colors from the new Martha Stewart paint line at Home Depot. 

This is the dining room.  The color is called Nimbus.  It’s really a silvery grey.  Here is another picture with the Feizy rug.  I love this rug.  The price was very reasonable, and it’s not too thick.  I got it at Winter House in OKC.

This is the master bedroom.  It is Sharkey Grey. 

This is Todd’s study.  Sorry, I can’t remember the name of this color… I will find out!

This is the living room.  The color is Sandpiper.  It is in the entryway, hall and guest bed upstairs.  I love this color so much that I think I’m continuing it into the kitchen and family room.  It’s a very neutral greyish color.  It’s soothing to me.  Like I’ve said before, it’s important to pick colors that make you feel happy or peaceful or both.  Greys remind of my trip to France and spas.  Two of my favorite things, so maybe that’s why I’ve picked blue and grey for this house.

The upstairs has three different shades of blue.  I think my favorite is the playroom.

This color is called Love in the Mist.  Don’t you love that name?  It does have a foggy greyish tint to it.  It looks so cute with my striped rugs I found at Pottery Barn Kids (pictures later).  There will also be green gingham curtains in this room, and I think I might paint trees on the wall.  It’s the playroom!  I want it to be fun!  We are also going to put in lots of storage.

This is the nursery.  We had it painted the exact same colors that we had at the old house.  The walls are Poo’s Favorite Things from HD Disney paints.  And the ceiling is a beige color.

This is my office/workroom.  I think this color is Wave Crest.

This picture does not do this room justice.  I love this color.  It’s called cumulus Cloud.  It’s so bright and fun!  I’m going to put my old Pottery Barn duvet and Swiss Dot matelasse in here.  My great-grandparents bedroom suit will also go in here.  I’m so happy to use it again.  It’s very special to me.  I’ve used it since I was a little girl.


4 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Mmmmm, that rug is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do with your upstairs playroom. It’s very similar in architecture to our upstairs bonus room (which is currently a dumping ground, basically, of all the furniture and stuff we don’t know what to do with).

    • I’m going to break the room up into three sections. There will be a Thomas the Train area, a TV area, and a coloring table and chairs area. My mom said I have “centers” just like at school. I’m a teacher, what can I say? ha It may not work out like this, but that is my vision!

  2. Do you know name of rug?? are the colors are beige/gold and light and dark grey?? I need that rug!!!!
    could i get that rug online?

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