Fabulous Fabric

I have a fascination and obsession with fabrics of all kinds. Fabric can change a room.  When decorating a room, it is important to be aware of texture, shine, color, and patterns.  Fabric can provide one or all of these things.  It works with the other items you have.  Fabric stores are one of my favorite pastimes.  There are a few really good one’s in the OKC area.  My mom and I went to one of my favorite’s today, Fabric Factory on 23rd by OCU. 

This is what I found today. I think I might make pillows for the living room with the blue and green stripe.  A pillow for the bed with the cream and beige floral. And maybe use the beige striped lined for Roman shades in the kitchen.

This is my favorite!  It’s a super soft cotton lace.  It’s gorgeous.  I’m going to use it for shears in the master bedroom.  My three favorite fabric stores in OKC are Fabric Factory, Fabrics Unlimited, and Interior Fabrics in Mayfair.  Interior Fabrics has some beautiful linens and silks right now.

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Fabric

  1. I love fabric too! In college, I worked at a fabric store – which was great because I got discounts!!
    I have a small stash of small yardage amounts in a couple bins under my bed. And I think it’s really fun to be able to change things like pillows out once in a while.

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