Glass and Crystal Lamps

Glass and crystal lamps are so popular right now.  And for good reason!  They’re gorgeous!  I think they add sophistication to a room.  Prices can vary.  Here are a few options that I found, if you’re thinking about adding a glass or crystal lamp to your home.

Here are a few examples of glass lamps in rooms.

These two are from Decorpad.



This is from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles by designers  Yvonne R. McFadden and colleague Ed Belding of Summerour Interiors.


This is from designer Lisa Luby Ryan.

This Robert Abbey lamp would add great shine and simple sophistication to a room. 

Here is another one (very similar to the one above) from Z Gallerie.  It’s called Gabrielle.

Close this window

These are from Pottery Barn.  They are not as sleek and modern as the one’s above, but I love how you can put small objects inside them!  Very fun!

Bacchus Table & Bedside Lamp

Crystal lamps are also very gorgeous.  They can also be pretty pricey!

The following are my favs from Restoration Hardware. 

Crystal Pier Lamp

Crystal Pier LampsCrystal Pier LampsCrystal Pier Lamps

Palladian Urn Lamp

Palladian Urn Lamp Crystal

Saxon Lamp

Saxon Lamps

Wilshire Lamp

Wilshire Lamps

I snapped a few pics at while at Target the other day.  These are a great economical alternative to the expensive glass or crystal lamps. 

TJ Maxx also has some beautiful lamps that really resemble the RH lamps.  I don’t think they are crystal, but they are very thick glass. They run about $99 which is a great price for such a nice lamp.

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