Lighting changes a room.  For me, it sets the mood and tone of the entire room.  I want the dining room to have a very formal, glitzy feel.  It is the first room you see when you walk in the house.  The dining room table is 90 inches and 112 with the leaf, so the chandelier needed to be pretty big.   The ceilings are also 10 ft. 

A few months ago, my mom and I took a trip to Dallas, and I found several chandeliers that were exactly what I wanted; however, they were in the $4,000-$8,000 range.  This was not in my budget.  I started searching online and found a few that were in the $2,000 range that were very similar to what I saw in Dallas…still more than I really wanted to spend. 

I wanted it to have lots of crystals and be really sparkly and shiny.  I wanted it to look antique and European.  My next step was to search Oklahoma City.  Oklahoma City can be frustrating at times.  The market is limited, so there isn’t really a variety of specialty stores to find unique objects.  On the other hand, because the market is smaller, the markup is not as outrageous as it can be in major metropolitan areas or on the east and west coast. 

I found two chandeliers here in OKC at very reasonable prices. 

This one is for the dining room.  It is from Antique Avenue on Western and I-44.

Sorry for the bad picture.  It will look better once it’s hung up! 

The next chandelier is for the master bedroom.  I looked for a long time for this chandelier.  I found it at Red Chateau in Casady Square.

Again, sorry for the bad pic! 

For the kitchen I wanted something different.  I wanted it to be more industrial, less soft with all the crystals and frilliness.  These are the two pendants that will be over the kitchen table.

Benson Pendant

The chandelier in the entryway went with the previous owner of the house.  The entryway is right next to the dining room.  I did not want to have another frilly chandelier next to the one in the dining room.  It needed to be simple and classic with modern lines.  I absolutely love the one I got from Restoration Hardware.  The only problem is Todd will have to add extra chain to it.  I need an eight foot chain, and it has a six-foot chain.  Todd tells me this is an easy fix.

Riley Chandelier

We also need sconces is in the hallway/landing on the second floor.  Again, I wanted something simple and traditional.  There are three of these sconces.

Lugarno Double Sconce

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