Starting Over-Kitchen

I tried to make the kitchen work.  I really did, but it’s just not going to happen.  The cabinets are too poorly constructed.  The two layers of paint will cost a fortune to remove.  The drywall is rotted and moldy behind the kitchen sink.  Cabinet space is limited.  The style detail is not what I prefer.  Just changing the doors would have looked weird with the library paneling. The cabinet faces were made of oak.  You can see the wood grain through the white paint (probably something only I notice).   AND Todd broke the marble when removing it for the carpenter the other day!

We made the decision that it was going to be too expensive to try to fix the problems in the kitchen.  So we are going to pull out all the cabinets and start over.  I am now trying to scramble to get bids for the job.  We moved in the house last week, and with a seven month old baby not having a kitchen is very difficult!  I’m thinking it will be another two months before everything is finished (I’m trying not to panic as write this).  Unfortunately, the kitchen floor has already been laid down.  It looks fantastic!  Some of it will have to be torn out to make room for the shape of the new cabinets.  We are not changing the general layout of the cabinets. We are going to try to move the second oven under the counter to provide more countertop space and open up the room when you walk in.  Unfortunately, this will mean there won’t be a place for a wine refrigerator.  We want to move the microwave over the oven and next to the refrigerator. 

Here are some pictures of the kitchen right now.  They were snapped with  my phone so the quality is not great!

2 thoughts on “Starting Over-Kitchen

  1. When we remodeled the kitchen in our old house it was SO hard to live and eat and be normal, and that was before we had a baby!

    We used an older fridge (you can cheap dorm-like ones) to hold the basics and then we lived out of the microwave. I learned all about how to cook in the microwave! Looking back, it was a gross and dusty and time, but the kitchen remodel changed our entire house and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    • I have a fridge in the garage, and we’ll put a microwave somewhere. And I’m thinking I could use a crockpot too. The bottles are an issue also. The laundry room is also part of the reno, so it’s a mess! My parents only live 3 miles from our house so I’ve been running over there for laundry and such. I know it will get old!

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