White Kitchen Inspiration!

This is the fun part!  I have a master’s in library science, and I love to research.  Looking through blogs and magazines for ideas is so fun to me.  So I told my husband he was on baby duty this weekend while I purused the internet for white kitchens.  There are a few things I’m looking for in my search.  I want something simple, European, limited dark elements, a hint of a Provincial rustic feel, and light countertops.  Are ya with me?  I know, I’m very detail oriented.  I notice every little thing.  It drives my family crazy!  But it’s great for design. 

Here some of my favorite design inspiration photos.  I will tell you why certain things in the pics work for me and why they don’t.

The following two pictures come from http://www.provincialkitchens.com.au

This kitchen is gorgeous.  I love the white floors, but this is not option for me since I already put down my dark 12×48 in. ceramic planks in the kitchen.  The island really intrigues me.  I love how simple and clean it is.  The shape of the hood over the range is great.  I would really like to add a white hood in our kitchen.  I’m about 99% sure I want white subway on the backsplash.  There are many varieties out there, so it will be a process picking the right one.  I’m not crazy about the lighting in this kitchen.  It’s just okay to me.  I think they should have gone a little more industrial.  The majority of white kitchens have white carrera marble.  This is what was in our old kitchen.  It’s beautiful.  But it is very difficult to maintain.  It’s so porous, and it stains easily.  Todd and I have decided this is not an option for us.  We will be dying Easter eggs, icing cookies, painting, etc. in this kitchen with our kids.  There will be a future post on kitchen countertops!


Let’s talk about these doors.  Notice how the frames of the cabinets do not show or are very minimal.  This is a European look.  This is what we will try to achieve in the new kitchen.  Also these cabinet doors are very simple.  I will also do long drawer pulls like you see in this picture.  I love the long pulls with the knobs.


This is very similar to what we will do in the new kitchen.  I really like the white boards on the ceiling and the shape of the hood.  I already bought lights just like these from Restoration Hardware.


I love the long drawer handles on the simple doors in this kitchen.


This chandelier is beautiful.


I like how the backsplash in this kitchen is not totally monochromatic.  There is a little variation in the color.

7 thoughts on “White Kitchen Inspiration!

  1. Stacy- first of all I love your blog! We are in the process of moving into our new home in Dallas & I plan on renovating our kitchen soon. We already have white cabniets and plan to do white subway tile & carerra marble counters. I’m concerned about the marble & can’t wait to see your next post about alternative countertops that are just as pretty!
    Good luck with the search!

    • Hi Kate!!!
      So good to hear from you! I would love to see pics of your house!

      The marble is a problem. There are stains all over the marble in our new house. I know in Europe they just think of the stains as adding “character”. But I guess it’s not really like that here. In my old house, we did carrera marble subway on the backsplash with absolute black granite. I LOVED it. The absolute black granite is also one of the least expensive granites. This might be an option for you. If you want to see how it looks, there are pictures on my FB. I also had a strip of carrera mosaic running along the bottom. This might be an option for you. You still get some of the carrera in your kitchen. I did not have any problems with it on the backsplash.

      In this new house, I have a really dark floor so I don’t want a black countertop too. I’m looking at grey soapstone. Soapstone almost has a matte finish. It’s not glossy at all which I think gives it a more modern look. Kashmir or Imperial white granite just has a greyish beige flow to it. It’s not chunky which I like. Also, quartzite is gorgeuos. It’s very pricey. Almost twice as expensive as granite. It has a translucent look to it. It’s super durable because it’s so hard. They have to cut it with a diamond blade. I will take some pictures and post later on this week. I’m sure if you google all this you can find some pics too! Can’t wait to see what you do!

      • Thanks for the suggestions-your last kitchen was beautiful! Since I read your post-I’m liking the Super White Quartzite, Kasmir Granite, & Blanco Romano online. I hope to find a slab that is similar to carrera. I don’t prefer the slabs with a yellow/beige undertone. I know I’ll just need to visit a stone yard to look at the different slabs. I like the grey soapstone you suggested too, but think it would look better in a kitchen with higher ceilings. Thanks for the ideas, I’ll keep checking your blog!

  2. HI Stacy,

    Can you tell me where the glass/triangular pendants in the third picture came from. I can’t find them anywhere on the internet.



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