Kitchen Drawings

Here are a few of my ideas for the kitchen.  I have three appointments with cabinet makers tomorrow.  I will show them the photos I posted on the blog a few days ago, and I also made some rough sketches so they could get the general idea of what I want in the kitchen.  Sorry they’re not the best drawings!

Here is the wall with the awkward cabinets on either side of the laundry room door.  I want the cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling and the walls to be white.  I think this would help diminish the weirdness of this wall.  They whole wall would just be solid white instead of having wall color in between the two cabinets.

Here are my two drawings:

The top one has drawers (which are limited now) and cabinets with glass doors on top.  The bottom picture has shelves on the left cabinets without doors (just shelves).  This would be for cook books and knickknacks.

This is the wall with the fridge, microwave and oven.  There used to be a wine fridge below the countertop next to the fridge.  We removed this, and we want to move the oven where it used to be.  We also want to move the microwave over next to the fridge above the new oven.  This would really open up this space, and we could make the countertop extend to the end of these cabinets. 

Here is my drawing.  You can kind of tell what I’m talking about! HA

Here is the island.  I really don’t like the brackets on the island.  I think I want it to be one big “cube”.  Very similar to the one in the picture from my inspiration picture.

There will be more posts on hardware (knobs & pulls), faucets, doors, drawers, etc.  So many details!

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