Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Well I’ve been thinking I want to do white ceramic subway tile on the backsplash in the kitchen; however, I can’t find the exact tile I want.  BUT I found something I think might be better!  I wanted a tile that was not flat and sleek.  I wanted it to look handmade and have a wavy aspect to the ceramic.  I found this exact thing, but it’s in a small basically 2×2 square.  In the tile store, they have a board with it laid out in a brick pattern with a thick grout line.  It was so beautiful.  I showed it to Todd, and he was shocked that I liked this.  He said it looked “country”.  He’s right.  It does look country.  But it will look great with the simple cabinets and other French decor in the room.

The tile is made by Walker Zanger.  Definitely take time to look at this website.  Gorgeous tile! 

FYI this is all in the “dream stage” right now.  Right now, this tile is in the lead for the backsplash…

It’s called Avignon.  That could be part of the reason I like it so much.  I’ve been to Avignon, and it is so, so beautiful.  I love Provence, France.  I want to create some aspect of that region in this house. 

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