The Kitchen Sink

The new trend in kitchen sinks is the farmhouse sink–also known as an apron front sink.  I had one at my last house, and I loved it!  I will never have a split sink again.  The sink is wonderful for so many reasons.  I could  put a whole cookie sheet in it, bathe the baby easily, and wash huge trays and pots, just to name a few.  It just had so much room.  I also really like the look of the sink.  The sink actually becomes a focal point in the room.  Most of the sinks are fireclay.  They have a wonderful imperfect look to them.  They have a smooth ceramic look.  Because they are becoming so popular, they are starting to make them in a variety of colors and shapes.  I like the basic white one’s, but I understand that these do not work in every kitchen.  They are always undermounted which is nice.  You can just sweep the leftovers of whatever you’re working on right into the sink without worrying about a lip to catch all the yucky stuff .  When a sink is not undermounted, the  edge of it can get grimy and gross. Usually, you undermount sinks with granite, marble, soapstone or some other solid surface.  I have never seen one with a tile countertop. 

Here are some pics of farmhouse sinks:

This particular one comes in black, biscuit and white.

They also make them in metal.

Premier Copper Products KASDB33229S

The one drawback to putting in a sink like this is that your carpenter will have to cut a whole in your cabinets.  All farmhouse sinks are seen from the front.  They are extremely heavy; therefore, a base must be built for it under the cabinet.  So unless you’re doing a total remodel or painting your cabinets, these sinks are not really an option. 
If you’re just getting new countertops and a new sink, I would still suggest going with a large basin sink.  Here is an example from Kohler:
Bakesrfield™ undercounter sink with Installation kit
It is still undermounted with one large basin.  This would be great to work in. 
I thought I would show you some photos with some apronfront sinks in kitchens.
Double Sinks!
This one is actually split with two huge basins.
LOVE this kitchen! From Decorpad
 More Decorpad

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Sink

  1. Love the farmhouse sink! I can’t decide between white or stainless. Also thanks for the counter advice-I may go with a white Quartz! Love your blog!

    • Really?!? Quartz? I love that stuff. It’s so durable and modern. Where are you getting it? I haven’t actually seen it in person. My only advice about a stainless sink is that you would have water spots in it all the time. I had stainless faucets in my bathroom at the old house, and they were always spotty. My white sink was so easy to clean. Both are really pretty though!

  2. I love your blog! It makes me want to get back to remodeling the house. I think you are swaying me on the farmhouse sink. I also have been thinking about the ideal counter for the kitchen. I have marble in the guest bath and it does stain, I have dark granite in the master bath, and I have corian in the utility room. I have been thinking about using quartz in the kitchen, but, since we have a little time to decide, I will be open to all possibilities.

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