The Cabinets/Kitchen Organization

The cabinets have arrived!  Sort of…  The majority of the cabinets for the kitchen are sitting in our family room.  I really think it’s going to be beautiful.  It really lifted my spirits to see progress in the kitchen.  I know the carpenter’s been working on the cabinets in his shop, but I was starting to get a little panicky because we’re running a little behind on the schedule we discussed. 

A friend of mine asked about kitchen organization.  So I want to mention a few of the things we decided to do to make the kitchen more user-friendly.

1.  Fully extendable drawers.  This gives you easy access to all items in the drawer. 

2. Two trash cans that are on fully extendable hardware brackets under the counter. This is one of my favorite things in the kitchen.  It is great when you are preparing food on the counter, and then you can just wipe all the excess into the trash can.  Here is the trash can compartment that goes under the counter. 

3.  Spice Rack.  In the above picture, the small cabinet is the spice rack.  This will be on the right side of my range.  I think this is a great use of space!

4.  Fully extendable drawers for pots and pans.  This will be new for me, but I’m so excited about it!  There will be four extendable drawers in my island for all my pots and pans.  This will be so much easier than sticking my head under the cabinet trying to find the right pan.

5.  Buy all the same color dishes and glasses.  One of the best things I did when I got married was to register for all white dishes and serving pieces.  All of my glasses are clear glass.  Therefore, everything matches and looks good together.  It also looks really great with my white kitchen!  There will only one set of solid wood doors on the upper cabinets in the kitchen!  Every other door will have glass.  My carpenter was very skeptical about this, but I told him that all of my dishes and glasses were so beautiful, and I wanted them to be displayed.  I think this adds a custom look to the kitchen as well as a look of art.  Beautiful dishes are works of art and should be displayed!  The tall cabinet will be on one side of my laundry room.  The top half is glass doors, and the bottom is drawers.

6.  Choose beautiful canisters and containers to put on the counter.  All of my canisters and containers match.  They are white and polished nickel from Williams-Sonoma.  

7.  Choose small appliances that match your large appliances.  I have a stainless, grey Kitchen Aid mixer that sits on my counter all the time.  It matches the rest of the stainless appliances.  My husband’s coffee and cappuccino makers are also stainless.  None of the appliances standout which is what you want. 

I can’t wait to show you more Tuesday!  Supposedly, the rest of the cabinets are coming next week, and they will start installing the wood planks on the ceiling!

One more pic.  This is the base for my HEAVY apron front sink!

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