Cute Canisters

It is important that the canisters in your kitchen add style to your room.  They need to “go” with the design of the kitchen.  You don’t want your countertops to look cluttered.  Having the items you use regularly easily at hand, is important; however, those items you use to organize don’t have to be drabby. These pictures show how the items on your countertop really need to go with the look of your kitchen.

My kitchen at my old house.

These are from Williams-Sonoma.  I have these in my own kitchen.  They are classic looking and go great with my white kitchen.

Ceramic & Stainless Steel Canisters, Set of 3

Pottery Barn

PB Classic Glass Canister

I think this kitchen looks really cluttered, but I also think it looks very inviting and homey.

5 thoughts on “Cute Canisters

  1. Hi,

    I love the williams-sonoma ceramic & stainless cannisters but am unable to purchase in UK. I know the store wil not ship to UK. Any ideas please?? I am interested in the Breadbin, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Cookies & Utensil products.

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