Shades of Black

I have an obsession for lamps with black shades right now.  I can’t get enough.  I want three lamps in my formal living room– two on my console table and one on a large round table next to the sofa. I think I want a large lamp with a giant, black barrel lamp shade next to the sofa.  The other two lamps will either have white shades or linen shades.  Lamps and their shades range from expensive to outrageous.  Here are a few of my options for the living room! Enjoy!

This first lamp is my favorite.

The Renaissance Lamp at Horchow $379

"Renaissance" Table Lamp

Brass Table Lamp at Horchow $595

Brass Table Lamp

John Richard Collection at Horchow Mirrored Lamp $695

John-Richard Collection Mirrored Cylinder Table Lamp

Persian Allure Lamp at Horchow $635

"Persian Allure" Lamp

Bark Table Lamp at Horchow $ 535

"Bark" Table Lamp

Mercury Glass Vase Lamp at


Art Nouveau Brass Table Lamp $349 at Shades of Light

Cambridge Etched Glass Table Lamp from

$325  LOVE IT!

Vintage Flashlight Lamp from Jayson Home and Garden  $250


Vintage Contemporary Lucite Lamps at Mecox Gardens

$2,600 (yes, that’s the correct price)

Art Deco Silve Glass Bulb Lamp from Mecox Gardens


Gourd Table Lamp from West Elm


Gourd Table Lamp

Tall Carved Glass Table Lamp from West Elm $149

Tall Carved-Glass Table Lamp

3 thoughts on “Shades of Black

  1. Stacy – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the renaissance lamp! I just got my Horchow catalog in the mail yesterday and I was drooling over that lamp!

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