Slipcovered Dining Chairs

I want to share this little slipcovered chair with you!  The slipcover design is by Lauren Ross.

Isn’t it cute!  I just love it.  My kitchen table chairs are from Restoration Hardware.  The seats of the chairs have a fabric cushion.  I was concerned about this when I bought them, because we have a soon to be toddler.  Enough said, right?  Messy, messy.  I’ve been thinking about slipcovering these chairs for awhile.  After seeing this photo, I know I want something similar to this.  One thing I will change is the fabric.  I’m thinking about doing a Sunbrella fabric (easy to clean) in a dark color–maybe a charcoal grey.  I LOVE the monogram on the seat of the chair.  What a great detail!

Here is a picture of my kitchen chairs.  I think they will look great with a similar slipcover!

Vintage French Round Side Chair

2 thoughts on “Slipcovered Dining Chairs

  1. So beautiful Stacy!

    I can’t wait to see the house. It’s going to be amazing, especially with all the little details like this one. It really makes it special.

    • Yes! It just takes awhile. I have all these ideas, but I have to wait on having the money for it, having someone else make things, or getting the time for me to make things! I think it’s teaching me patience!

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