Granite Day!

Today was granite day!  WoooHooo!  I didn’t know if this day would ever come.  We all worked together–the stone fabricator, the carpenter and the contractor (myself).  There were obstacles to overcome, but we did it!  They only had to put in one seam in the entire kitchen.  And they were one inch away from being able to use one slab for the peninsula area.  It looks great.


I wrote a post a few months ago about all of my countertop options.  It really came down to soapstone, quartzite, Bianca Romano granite, and Kashmir White granite.  We decided that granite was the best choice for this house and for our family.  I know I preach resale value, but you must consider it in every decision for your home.  Granite is a great selling point.  Also, we have a toddler.  The future of this kitchen entails cookie decorating, wine parties, craft projects, and school work; therefore, we need something that’s low maintenance.  Again, granite is about as low maintenance as you can get.  So it really came down to the two granites, and I chose the Kashmir because it is neutral and streamlined.


I’m very happy with the simple, modern edge I chose for the stone.  I also feel very good about my decision to put the granite in the utility room.  The utility room in this house is almost an extension of the kitchen.  The double doors will most likely be open much of the time.  I would also like to keep all of my husband’s coffee paraphernalia (grinder, cappuccino maker, and coffee pot) in this room, so as to not clutter up the main kitchen area.  Unfortunately, these pictures do not do this granite justice. I really hope you like it because I LOVE it!

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