The White Kitchen

It is no secret that I love light and bright rooms.  Well, our new kitchen fits that definition to a tee!  And I LOVE it!  Even though, it is bright, it still feels very cozy and livable.  We are thoroughly enjoying our new space.  It has been a long road getting to this point, but it was so worth it.  A few details are yet to be complete.  I will update when they are finished.

If you remember, this is how the kitchen looked before.  And really it doesn’t look as bad in this picture as I remember! But there were two layers of latex paint on the cabinets, you could just peel off.  Yuck!

Another before:


And here it is NOW!

I’ve mentioned before that I only have white and glass dishes and serving pieces.  I love to see beautiful dishes in a kitchen, so I intentionally designed the upper cabinet doors to be about 90% glass.  In person, you can really see the details of glass and ceramic.  The photo above shows the only “wall” in the entire room.  The openness of the kitchen is great except for the fact that this is the only wall we have for small appliances.  Thank goodness we have a large utility room right off the kitchen for coffee, toasters, crock pot, etc.  I didn’t want to go to the expense of moving around gas or water lines so I left all but two of the major appliances in the same place.  If you notice, we moved the microwave and oven over to open up a large counter space on that main wall.  The peninsula was also two different levels–one bar height and the other counter height.  We decided to make it all one level.  So we have one large counter height peninsula.  I’m so glad we did this.  It is a wonderful serving area, and it really opens up the kitchen into the family room.

I’m thrilled to have a six burner gas range.  The tile on the backsplash is Walker-Zanger terra-cotta glazed tile 4×4.  I love how imperfect they are.  I think it adds a rustic element that balances some of the modern appliances and stainless steel.

Again, these chairs really soften the modern white, plank floors and stainless steel.  I’m also so glad we added the window seat.  It save so much room in the breakfast area and adds seating.

There will be shades on the bay window, but they are still being made.

You don’t have to “gut” your kitchen like I did to make it a cozy, usable space for you and your family.  It’s all in the details.  Sometimes, it might be just new countertops or floors.  Updating your appliances can make a HUGE differences.  Your family and friends always gather in the kitchen.  This is where much of the entertaining takes places, so make it a priority.  It will be worth it!


16 thoughts on “The White Kitchen

  1. Stacy, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!! Your kitchen is wonderful!!! I love all this white! So peaceful and light! And the terra cotta tiles are just beautiful!!
    Oh my what a change !!!

  2. I LOVE your new kitchen!!! I have to admit, I was a fan of the previous old world chandeliers that were in there before and I couldn’t believe you were taking them down, BUT(!!!) seeing it now I totally see where you were going. I love the way it is sleek and modern but timeless with traditional touches. Its the perfect balance. Well done!!! BEAUTIFUL!

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  4. I soooo love this kitchen and am remodeling right now… White white white!! But tell me….. Are the bar stools comfy?? Because I love them too!!

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