Christmas Cards

Do you send Christmas cards?  I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about Christmas cards becoming a thing of the past.  I hope this is not the case.  Christmas cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions.  I understand that the world is different now with Facebook and Twitter.  We can send a message to our friends with the touch of a button.  Doesn’t that make a handwritten note or picture even more special?  I think I’ve mentioned my love for paper before.  One of my favorite parts of hosting a shower or birthday party is picking out the invitation.  With the price of stamps and paper, it is definitely a splurge.  But if you can work it into the budget, I say, Go For It!

Do you display your Christmas cards?  I’ve seen many a Christmas card on refrigerators.  I’ve also seen holiday card wreaths. Well, I like to have my cards out all year long to enjoy, and I don’t really like magnets on my refrigerator for fear of scratching it. This year I’m displaying them on a bulletin board on my work counter in the utility room.

Aren’t my friends and family gorgeous?



Here are several of my favorite paper websites:

Please share if you have other favorites!

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