Our Little Secret…

There’s a place in southeastern Oklahoma that is our getaway…  Southeastern Oklahoma is a very well-kept secret.  It’s only about three and half hours away from Oklahoma City and the lakes and rivers are gorgeous.  My husband and I took a mini-vaca this week minus the one year old.  I didn’t leave our bungalow or put shoes on for 48 hours.  It was marvelous, and I needed it.  We’ve had a very busy stressful few months.  It is so peaceful in the middle of nowhere.  I painted, watched movies, and cooked some delicious meals.  My husband fly-fished, canoed and hiked.  It poured down rain for a solid twelve hours yesterday.  Hearing the rain pound on the tin roof was so relaxing.  I want to share our secret place with you.  You have to cross five cattle guards to get to this getaway, and you will wonder where you’re going, but it will be worth it!  The decor is cute, rustic and a little small town.  That’s part of the charm…

The drive from the main road is about 3 miles.

The river is the view from the house.

The view from these windows is just gorgeous.  I even saw a bald eagle fly over the river!  So exciting!

Rivers Bend Resort consists of six bungalows.  There are several different sizes but all consist of high-end appliances and luxurious amenities.  One of the most relaxing places in Oklahoma!

6 thoughts on “Our Little Secret…

  1. Ooooohhhhhh Your secret place is WONDERFUL!! This is it!!! I would love to spend some time there!!
    Wish you a Happy and Healthy 2011 my friend!
    A huge hug,

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