Picture Wall

I’ve been wanting to do a picture wall for awhile now. It was really a process to get everything together.  First, find the right frames to fit the wall.  Second, go through all of your photos and pick your favorites one’s.  Inevitably, you will have more photos than frames to put them in.  This is where it can get tricky.  In my case, I picked unusual sized mattes and frames.  So I had to find the pictures that would look best together and fit in the frames.  Lastly, hang the frames on the wall.  Easier said than done, right?  Here’s how I did it…

1) I traced all of the frames onto paper and cut them out.  These were my templates to put on the wall.

2) I used painter’s tape to “draw a line” on the wall.  I measured from the floor up, using the buffet as a guide.

3)  I rearranged these templates many times to get them exactly where I wanted them, mirroring the arrangement on the opposite side of the TV.  You can see the crosses on the paper.  This is where my nail holes will go into the wall.  I measured hooks on the back of each frame.

4) Hang pictures on the wall!

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