Broken Concrete Pavers

I was watching This Old House about a month ago, and they were remodeling a house in the Los Angeles area.  They also brought in new landscaping to the front yard.  One thing they did really caught my attention…  Instead of using natural stone pavers on the walkway leading up the house, they used pieces of broken concrete made to look like flagstone.  After researching  this I found that it can be very inexpensive, almost a third of the price of real stone.  AND it’s good for the environment because you’re recycling!  I especially like it with the grass growing amongst the pavers.

Photo of using broken concrete

Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

Recycled broken concrete stepping stones

porous path

6 thoughts on “Broken Concrete Pavers

  1. I LOVE this idea! I know of an old homeplace nearby where the house burned down, and there is a lot of large broken pieces of old concrete–I may have to wait til freezing weather though due to snakes and high weeds!
    Love your site! Glad I stumbled upon it!

  2. This idea was brought to my attention by my sister who saw it on your show. In the last couple of weeks, we have located concrete pieces and are in the process of creating a patio area at my home. Thank you for the creative ideas!!

  3. Hi there I love this idea! Could you please tell me how to make the old concrete peices look like stone, aged and natural? Thanks!

    • Hi! I haven’t had a chance to try this yet. My best friend did it, and she really likes it. I think there’s a lot of manual labor that goes into it. You’ll just have to break them up with a hammer and lay them down to somehow fit together as best as possible. I’m sure if you wanted to give them an aged look, you could do some sort of faux finish with a stain. Again, I’ve never tried that. Good luck!

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