Sarah’s House

Sarah Richardson, Canadian designer, has several shows on HGTV.  I enjoy watching her design process on each of her shows.   She can be very brave with her color and pattern choices (much more brave then me!).  Sometimes I like her choices, and sometimes I don’t.  Her newest show on HGTV is Sarah’s Summer House.  The show follows her as she designs every room at her weekend island cottage.  I am crazy about what she’s done in this house.  I love just about every detail.  The show airs on Saturday evenings, so set your DVR.  It’s a fun little treat for your spare time!

Don’t be surprised if I have a lake house some day that looks very similar to this house!

I love everything about this kitchen except the distressed planks on the peninsula.  I love the color of the cabinets.  And the backsplash is gorgeous.

Originally the stain on the wood was very natural and yellow.  She convinced her husband to let her whitewash it, and I think it’s stunning.  This room is incredible.  The blues go beautifully with the color of the water.

This room is so cute.  I love the use of all the quilts, and I don’t feel like it’s too overdone.

Normally I don’t like red, but I think this room is precious.

I love the sleigh bed and the pink and green color.  So cute for kids!

You can really see the whitewash in these two photos.  I love the use of the blues, greys and greens.  This house gives me so much inspiration.  I hope it inspires you too!

4 thoughts on “Sarah’s House

  1. I am a huge fan of Sarah’s House AND Sarah’s Summer house! Oh, to be able to decorate like she does with the lovely budget that she has.

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