Florida Gulf Coast-30A

I took a little break from our Tour of the South last week.  I thought I took more pictures than I did.  30A is the highway that runs along the coast just east of Destin, FL.  The beaches of South Walton are just beautiful.  Our house was right on Grayton Beach, just about half a mile west of Seaside.  We spent a lot of time in Seaside and just loved it.  It is a planned community right on 30A.  The houses are darling.  It’s a great family destination.  Everyone rents a bike for the week to get around town.

This is our house that we rented for the week.  My best friend’s four year old said, “The beach is our backyard.” It was so relaxing and fun.

This is an example of the gorgeous homes in Seaside, FL.

I took a couple of pictures of this house because my husband and I loved the white siding with the black windows.  Again, lake house inspiration….

This store in Seaside, Pizitz Home and Cottage, is the epitimy of Seaside style.  The seaside style is neutral with splashes of ocean color.

This house is actually in Watercolor, FL which is between Seaside and Grayton Beach.  I love the chimney, grey siding and white trim.  I also love the screened in porch.

Here are some pics of our family and friend having a great time!!!

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