Master Bath Round Two or is it Three?

Do you ever fall in love with something only to find out that’s not available?  It happens to me all the time.  For example, I wanted to do a black and white checkerboard floor in our master bath.  That doesn’t sound too difficult, right?  Well, it’s not if I would just accept shiny marble instead of honed, but I just can’t.  The look I was going for needed to be softer.  Glossy checkerboard in the bathroom looks too much like an entry way to me.

This was my inspiration picture for the bathroom.  I love everything about this bathroom from the floors to the walls to the lighting… Wouldn’t you want to take a bath in that tub?


Unfortunately, I just can’t get my hands on tile like that.  I even tried to order it some off the internet!  Never arrived… At least I just ordered samples and not the the entire amount!

After I grieved the loss of my black and white bathroom for a few days, I got over it and moved on.  I was a little worried that I wouldn’t find anything I liked better.  BUT I think I have found something!  I really, really want to use calacatta marble on the countertops with white cabinets.  This really limited me on my floor choices.  So here’s what I’ve come up with.  I’m really starting to fall in love with this look.  I’m a little shocked that I love it so much.  I can be very “anit-beige”, but I think it will be so soft and beautiful when completed.






(via xdarkling)






Basically, I like the color of the tile of the first three pictures and the pattern of the last.  Here are some tile samples that I found at a store in Tulsa, OK.

Tuscan pillowed limestone 12x24

Tuscan Pillowed Limestone

French pillowed limestone

French Pillowed Limestone

Provence Beige smooth limestone

Provence smooth limestone

Calcatta for countertops

Calcatta honed tile fo the shower.

bathrooms - white ivory cream gray mosaic tiles damask walls tub white carrara marble subway tiles backsplash frameless glass shower beveled mirror sconces espresso brown bathroom vanity marble countertops marble floor tiles master

And this tub.

Time to get to work!  Hopefully, I can find everything, and we can get started in the next few months.  Hope you had a great weekend!



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