Suzani Pillows on Etsy

I love suzani fabric, and I love etsy!  Here are a few of my favorite suzani style pillows available on etsy right now.  You can’t beat these prices!

18x18 Modern Suzani Tribal Pillow Cover

Homemaker Movement $65

12"x20" Mediterranean Blue Suzani Boudoir, Lumbar, or Accent Pillow. Includes Plush Feather/Down Insert.

Homemaker Movement $59

18x18 Suzani Embroidered Linen Designer Pillow with Luxury Down Blend Insert

Homemaker Movement $125

Sukan / Vintage Hand Embroidered Suzani Pillow Cover - 16x16

Sukan $65.95

Beautiful Decorative Pillow Cover - 20x20 - Southwest Embroidery - Throw Pillow - Accent Pillow - Taupe - Gray - Blue - Khaki - Paprika

Turquoise Tumbleweed $65

vintage suzani pillowcase in pairs ( 2 pcs ) - FREE SHIPMENT - 144

Cocoon Tribal Chase $60

Suzani-- 20x20  Decorative Pillow Cover--Designer Fabric--Throw Pillow--Plum/Cream/Washed  Look Chocolate/Sand

The Cottage Cuppard $49.50

Suzani pillow cover in navy, aqua, citron and green - 20 x 20

Lab Design $45

Suzani Pillow - Bright Tadjik - Gold, Orange, Teal, Yellow - 12 x 22

Material Recovery $118

Old-school suzani cushion cover

UzbekCraft $55.95

vintage suzani pillowcase in pairs - FREE SHIPMENT - 114

Cocoon Tribal Chase $57

I love the warm these pillows can bring to a room.  They bring a fun casualness to a room that makes it feel cozy.  My favorites are the embroidered pillows.  Do you have a favorite?  Where would you put it?

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