Texas Hill Country

We made a trip to San Antonio last week with our 22 month old.  We had a great time relaxing and enjoying our hotel.  We even survived Sea World!

In many ways Texas hill country reminds me of New Mexico and Arizona, but it definitely has its own unique characteristics.  My husband and I both love this area.  The majority of the buildings and homes are constructed of stone.  It’s usually white, gold or cream or a combination of those three.

Our favorite is the white or cream.

Homes often have metal roofs and very rustic interiors.

Cream, Hand Chop

Special Blend, Hand Chop: Gold/Cream/Blue

Gold, Sawn Chop: 8 Inch Coursed

Gold, Sawn Chop: Smear Joint

Gold, Sawn Chop: Smear Joint

White, Sawn Chop
Gold, Sawn Chop: Smear Joint



We stayed at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch on the west side of San Antonio.  It was a great place for families.

The hotel had a very industrial rustic feel. As you can see the hotel is constructed of the famous hill country limestone.

Our award-winning golf course is just steps away

This the exterior of the condos we stayed in.

Rustic touches create an an authentic feel

Enjoy an evening around a campfire

Across the street is the other Hyatt Hill Country Resort.  It has a traditional hill country design.

Lower Level of the Lobby

Aunt Mary's Porch

Windflower-The Hill Country Spa

Windflower-The Hill Country Spa Outdoor Cabanas

Sorry I’m not posting any pictures from our trip.  Mine were all terrible.  We are having beautiful weather here in Oklahoma.  Fall is my favorite season.  I can’t wait to get all of my pumpkins and gourds!

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