Fun Updates to the Family Room

I think mantels can be difficult to decorate, don’t you?  Most of the time it’s the focal point.  The first thing you see when you walk into a room.  I don’t like cluttered mantels or mantels that are too sparse.  Finding that balance can be tricky.  I’ve looked for objects for my family room mantle for over a year.  I really wanted to use a painting that I bought when we first got married.  Pretty much all of the colors in the room stem from that painting: red, orange, and black.  I’ve added the blue to bring some coolness into the room.

Finally, while working on another project I came across some beautiful ceramic dish wear and pottery at Dillard’s.  They had a large plate with rust and blue details, just the colors in the family room.  It was exactly what I wanted.  I’ve also been thinking about putting some tall candle sticks on the other side of the painting.  Everything I’ve come across is so expensive.  Finally, I found two at TJ Maxx.  I think they really draw together all of the dark wood accents in the room.

While we were in Texas in September, we went to one of our favorite little Hill Country towns, Fredricksburg.   I found these great embroidered pillows.  I think they bring character, color and whimsy to the room.



The additions to the mantel as well as the pillows really finish the room.  They bring all of the colors together and give the room the whimsical, fun feeling I want this family room to have.

Are you bored with a room in your home?  What small changes can you do to give it that feeling you want to portray?  Sometimes it just takes a little looking.  So keep your eyes peeled and your imagination open!


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