Why It Works

Let’s break it down…What makes a room work?

Let’s discuss this room.  I love this room.  Even though it might not be specifically your style, I think everyone can take the different aspects of this room and apply it to your own.

Room by SJ Interior Design

Pinned Image

Like I said, don’t take this room at face value.  Try to imagine your style  with these aspects:

1.  Balance.  The room is centered around the focal point, the fireplace.  Do you have a focal point?  A fireplace, a TV? In this room, they have two chairs on one side and a sofa on the other.  The sofa is “heavy”.  It takes up a lot of visual space.  They chairs not so much; however, there is a large buffet behind the chairs to balance out the visual weight of the room.

2. Texture and prints.  Notice that the chairs do not “match” the sofa.  They are in a different fabric with great natural texture. If the chairs had been in the same fabric as the sofa, it would not look nearly as expensive or put together.  You never want a room to look like you’ve gone to a big box store and picked everything off the floor.  Subconsciously, people think the room looks more expensive if everything compliments each other.  I did not say MATCH.  It’s not about matching, it’s about complimenting.

The throw pillows also add great interest.  They look like they’ve been “collected”, not purchased off the shelve.  This also adds that richness.

The rug also adds excellent pattern.  Your eye is naturally drawn to the rug because of the color and busyness of the print.  The busyness is a good thing.  It keeps the room from being boring.  It’s fun and adds something unexpected and whimsical.

3.  Proportion.  This kind of goes along with balance.  I just want to point out the lamps, art, and floral arrangement.  The lamps on either side of the sofa just so happen to be identical.  They don’t have to be.  But the do have to be the same height.  They are like bookends for the sofa.

I love the visual height the greenery arrangement adds to the room.  It fills the wall and compliments the tall windows and art.

The coffee table is just the right size and shape in front of the sofa.  Not too big and not too small.  I like how the coffee table is within reach of both the chairs and sofa.

The art might not be your style, but it adds the personal touch that reflects the home owners personality.  It makes the room feel homey.  The portrait above the fireplace is a little small, but I think that’s okay.  It brings an unexpected quality to the room.

On a personal note, I love the lightness of these walls.  I think they are a canvas for the furniture and art.  Sometimes, I said SOMETIMES, I feel like color on the walls can take away from the elegantness (not a real word) of a room.

There are many ways to arrange a room.  I did this post as an example of how you can look at pictures, and emulate that magazine quality in your own home.

*I’m having a little bit of trouble making the entire picture fit.  If you click on the SJ Interiors link, there is a great picture.

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