Holiday Bedding

Maybe it’s just been since I had a child, but it really surprises me how much holiday bedding is out there.  Everything from sheets to pillows and duvets.  Who buys this stuff?  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s so cute! And I love Christmas decor just as much as the next girl. But who has the money for this?  And how does it coordinate with the decor already in the room?

Grinch Flannel Duvet Cover

Potterybarn Kids Grinch Christmas bedding

Home for the Holidays Flannel Sheeting

Home for the Holidays PBK flannel sheets

Tis The Season Nursery Bedding

Tis the Season Nursery Bedding from PBK

Baa Humbug Flannel Bedding

Baa Humbug Flannel Bedding from Garnet Hill

Holiday Trees Percale Bedding

Holiday Trees Percale Bedding from Garnet Hill

Peppermint Garland Percale Bedding

Peppermint Garland Percale Bedding from Garnet Hill

Bear Facts Flannel Set from the Company Store

Have you ever bought holiday bedding?  I would love to see how it’s used in a kids’ room!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Bedding

  1. I’m kind of glad that’s the direction you took this post because I saw the title, and the Very (Merry) Pretty Dr. Seuss bedding and thought, “That’s freaking awesome but who can spend money on that stuff?”

    So nope, never bought that kind of thing. But it’s always nice to dream, eh?

  2. I have bought it for my three kids (each has a twin bed) and usually find it at the after christmas sales or outlets in January for a steal. I’ve been collecting it over time, but this year have a full set of sheets and comforters/quilts for each child. I don’t worry about it coordinating, since it’s really only on the beds for about three weeks and the kids get such joy from it.

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