Cheap and Cheaper Chandelier

I’ve liked this chandelier from Pottery Barn for awhile.  It’s not too expensive for a chandelier with so many crystals at $399.

Pinned Image

But I found it cheaper at Overstock!  $158.39

Pinned Image

I put it in our new master bath.  It looks great!  Yes, there was “some assembly required”.  But you have to assemble the PB chandelier too.  Lesson learned:  Look around before you purchase something off one of the major retail sites.


3 thoughts on “Cheap and Cheaper Chandelier

  1. i love it. mom and i were just talking about your dining room chandelier yesterday. i LOVE it. did you ever do a blog post about it? i know you did some smart shopping on it as well.

    • Thanks! I got that chandelier at that antique store on 50th and Western. It wasn’t that expensive. I had been looking online and couldn’t find anything. It was the right size. I’ve liked it, but it’s really hard to keep clean.

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