Supper Club

My husband I are a part of a group of couples that have a Supper Club.  Once a month each couple hosts the group for dinner.  We hosted in January.  It was so fun.  We ate dinner and played games.


The theme was blue, white, and yellow with a Provincial twist.  I collect blue Spode ware.  So I used that and added some of white dishes.



Love this blue and white tablecloth from Wisteria.  This was the appetizer table.



It was a party!!!  I even made jello shots.  Classy, right?

These are the condiments for the white hot chocolate.  Bowls from Williams Sonoma.

Yummy cookies from McLaren’s Pantry in Edmond.


Can’t wait for the next Supper Club get together!!!

5 thoughts on “Supper Club

  1. Hi there!

    First of all, congratulations on having a new little one!!!

    I just found your blog and I LOVE your style (especially your new kitchen)!

    We’re getting ready to build our dream home and I want to do marble in the kitchen (I know, I know, I’ve warned) and I read that you had it in your kitchen before your remodel and you ripped it out! I was hoping you could give me some idea of what this “patina” I keep hearing about really looks like and why you chose to do granite instead????

    Also, I have hardwood now and I’m thinking about doing tile floors…how do you like yours? They look great! Are they easy to maintain? Are they the tile that looks like hardwood? I thought at first they were dark stained wood planks.

    I should also tell you I have 4 boys and 4 dogs so anything I choose has to be DURABLE!!!!

    Thanks! Would love any input!


    • Hi Kelly!
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I LOVE kitchens. They are my favorite. I absolutely think they should be beautiful, but I also think you need to take into consideration who is going to be using the kitchen. Sounds like your’s needs to be ultra-durable with the boys and dogs.

      Do you live in a metropolitan area? Most big cities have wholesale natural stone dealers. The fabricator is who you buy the slab from and who cuts and installs it in your home. The whole saler is the middle man. They are not allowed to tell prices bc the fabricators are their customers. Anyway, my advice would be to find 2 or 3 whole sale companies. They will have a LARGE selection of materials for you to choose from.

      What I mean by “patina” is that it WILL stain. And you just have to have an Italian attitude and be okay with the stains. HA. I don’t know many people who can do this. Even my friend, Maggie, who’s a chef said she couldn’t do it. She went with a quartzite. It’s GORGEOUS. It looks very similar to marble. It’s the hardest of the natural stones. If you’re willing to spend the money, this is what I would suggest. It’s going to run over $100 a sq. ft. Marble will be in that range too.

      Other options: granite or quartz. I’ve come to love how my granite looks in the kitchen. I think it gives modern feel, and I love the dash of color in my all white kitchen. Quartz is a manmade material that is super durable. They have it in all different colors. Cesarstone is probably the most popular brand. I like just the pure white.

      As for floors, I prefer tile in kitchen. I had a refrigerator leak a huge puddle one time. Just think if that had happened with wood floors? Yikes! I like my floors, but they are so dark dark they show EVERYTHING! I would do it differently if I had a “do-over”. With toddlers it’s impossible to keep them clean. They are a ceramic tile. Everyone thinks they’re wood, but that wasn’t my intention. Advice on tile: I think it helps if they tile has come variation in it. When it’s completely one color that’s when it shows all the crumbs. Or a lighter color would also be good.

      Are you going to do wood floors in the rest of your home? I would suggest something “hand-scraped”. Otherwise, with dogs and boys it will be destroyed within weeks. If it’s already distressed, then a little more distressing won’t even be notices. Look for something with a high PSI.

      Hope this helps! Good luck! And let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi Stacy!

        Thanks for getting back to me!

        Well I know you’re right about dark floors showing everything!!! We installed dark hardwood floors in our bedroom and I’m blonde with a white bulldog and our hair shows up everywhere! I’m taking your advice on the tile and the colors! Thanks!

        I have already considered quartz. And I very well may go that route. I just haven’t seen a classic kitchen done in quartz….they always look so modern!

        I must confess, it’s still hard for me to get marble out of my mind though. When you say it stains, are you talking about glass rings or spaghetti sauce? I was planning on getting honed so etches wouldn’t show up TOO much. The one thing that would absolutely deter me from using it would be if it yellows and starts to look dirty around faucets and the sink area??? Did you have an issue with that? If you say yes to my last question, my mind is made up!



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