Mom’s Bathroom

So sometimes it can be really difficult to work with family members, but it the opposite for my mom and me.  We work very well together.  Our style is not exactly the same, but that’s okay.  I know what she likes, and I try to help make her home “look like her.”  Her style is classic but a little ornate.  She appreciates all different design styles and likes to incorporate them all into a room.  I think her new bathroom is a refection of that.



I love the floor in this bathroom.  The little dot is so classic.  The shower and floors are marble.  The dots are black granite.  I think this helps tie in the black granite she wanted on the countertops.  We had the mirrors custom made for the space.  The fill the wall between the window and the wall perfectly.  We had a very difficult time trying to decide what to do with the tub.  It was a huge whirlpool tub before (ugh).  This bathroom is HUGE so we decided just to use the space we had and bring the tub out into the middle of the room.  They are very happy with the room, and that makes me happy!




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