Caught My Eye

I saw this picture on Pinterest tonight.  It caught my attention.  Sometimes it seems like everything looks the same.  I love the classic architectural features and traditional furniture, but there’s a twist.  The color choices really make this room.  Crazy how something so simple can change the look of a room.  Hope you’re having a fun long weekend!  I’m excited to spend time my family and friends over the next few days!

Alexandra Wentworth and George Stephanopolus' home

Alexandra Wentworth and George Stephanopolus’ home in Elle Decor

2 thoughts on “Caught My Eye

  1. Did you know that these purple designs on the rug started with a grape juice stain?!?! I love this room too! I love that she was using all of this coral and the pink poufs before it they were popular! Seems like things like that get so overused so fast b/c of internet now…. even thought I have both in my house! ha!

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