Curtains and Shades

I’ll use the term window treatments to include: curtains, shades and panels.  Window treatments can make all the difference in a room.  I can’t think of too many rooms where I wouldn’t want some sort of window treatment.  They finish the room.  Shades and curtains are meant to be used.  They are supposed to open and close and go up and down.

I know this might offend (sorry), but in most cases blinds are not the best option.  Blinds do NOTHING for your space.  Everyone needs privacy and also to block out the sun, so why not make that function beautiful?

The fabric used in your window treatment can add texture, color, shine and softness to your room.  It’s a HUGE deal in the overall scheme of your room.

I will not lie.  Window treatments are expensive.  Most of the time they have to be custom made for your particular window.  Or if you buy off the shelf, you might have to have them hemmed to the right length.  Save up your money because it’s worth it!

Let’s talk shades first:

roman shade designs

I won’t go into all the details of these shades, but each and everyone is different.  They can totally make or change the look of your room.

Here are some examples of shades:


I love this combination of curtains and pleated butterfly balloon shades.




Example of plain roman shade with ribbon trim.  This shade adds a crispness to this room.  So clean looking!

trim on Romans

Love these!  Custom detail work at the bottom of a roman shade.  This makes the room look so expensive and thought out.

love the shades

I love a beautiful pattern on a simple roman shade.  The simpler the shade, the more crazy your pattern can be!

Ways to hang your shades:

Roman on door

Inside the window casing.

Chandelier & window treatments + red accent color

Inside the window casing.


Outside the window casing.

Love the small grey outline on this roman shade

Outside the window casing.

I like both ways. If you don’t have any wood casing around your windows, I suggest taking the shade all the way to the ceiling, right under the crown molding.  This will make the window look a lot bigger!  Good tip!


decorative side panels and floor drape samples

Some of these different pleats, I’ve never heard of.  It seems like everybody calls it something different.  Anyway, this is great example of the different types of curtains you can do.  Just know, if you do any type of pleat, you’re looking AT LEAST two widths of yardage.  That’s where it get’s expensive!

Great illustration - the difference is amazing.

I love this drawing.  There are always exceptions to this rule, but I would say this is how curtains should be hung 75% of the time.  This is what’s in style, and it makes the window look bigger.

pink curtains + blue walls

Cute pleated striped curtains.  Notice: they went up as high as they could above the window.  This is to make the window appear bigger.

Gray & Green

I can’t tell if these are just panels or if they have pleats.  And that’s my point.  Sometimes it’s not worth the money to have the fancy pleated curtains made.  You can pull back panels and pleat them.  This can save you a ton of money.  Typically, you’ll only need one width of yardage for this.  This is great option for something you’re not going to use a lot or they are going to stay open all the time.

pink in the hallway

Don’t be afraid of color or shine!  This curtains are beautiful.  They make this room.  The silk adds shine and the color adds fun and richness.

peach curtains

Again color and shine.  Everything else is neutral.  If you get tired of them in a few years all you have to do is replace the curtains and do nothing to the walls or floors.

crazy for these yellow curtains

More color and softness!  Lovely full pleated yellow silk curtains!

yes to the curtains

I love how these stripes lengthen the windows and add pattern.  Notice they are installed directly under crown molding.

GEORGICA POND: The pull of pretty

This rod is probably custom made for this bay window.  I had to have one made for my bay window.  Look how the blue green fabric frames each window.  Beautiful!!

ribbon trim

Instead of adding softness to this room, these curtains add structure!  Love it!

I hope this helped!  I have so many blog post ideas swimming in my head right now.  It’s just finding the time to post…  Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.






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