Hiring a Decorator

There are so many shows TV now telling folks to DO IT YOURSELF.  Today I want to talk about why hiring a decorator might be a better option than taking on huge projects on your own.

1. They can visualize the end result.  This is half of the challenge, in my opinion.  You need someone who can see in their head exactly what the end result will be.  Part of being able to visualize the end result, is the ability to give you the feel of the home you want.  There are so many subtle things that go into a room.  A decorator should talk with you about your lifestyle and your dreams.  He or she should understand how you want to feel in your room/home.

Feeling is a big part of design.  That’s the reason you’re spending the money, right?  Everyone’s different, but you want your space to give off a certain air.  Maybe you want to feel energized or relaxed.  Maybe you want to feel like you’re in Provence on your honeymoon.  Maybe certain colors or textures are appealing or beautiful to you.  A good decorator should also be a perceptive one.  They should be able to listen and comply with the way you want your home to feel.  That being said, every decorator has a certain look that is particular to their own aesthetic  in the final product.

Get a feel for how your decorator decorates!  Look at the decorator’s blog, website or portfolio.  Visit their home.  Visit the homes they’ve decorated.  Start looking at Pinterest, blogs and magazines if you have the time.  Are your decorator’s projects looking like every other house in your neighborhood?  Are they going to provide you something cutting edge and special?

2. Understanding color and texture.  In order for your room to have balance and look rich, it needs the right combination of colors and/or textures.  This can be created in many ways: fabric, wall coverings, paint, tile, wood, etc.  Someone experienced in working with these resources on a regular basis will be able to provide you with that perfect combination.

This is a good example of what I’m describing:


What feeling do you get when you look at this room?  Vintage? Country? European? Soft? Cozy? I feel all of these things.  Even though there’s not a lot of color in this room, there are many textures, patterns and finishes.  It has depth.  Not everything is the same.

3.  They know where to go.  It has literally taken me years to form a good list of vendors, workrooms, and resources.  It has been a long, difficult process.  I’ve been through so many bad experiences.  I’ve learned who I can rely on and trust.  In my mind, this is half the reason to hire a decorator.  You don’t have the time to spend hours on the computer or running around all over your town trying to find what’s best for your home.  Your decorator should know or be able to find many different options for you.

If you are building or renovating a house, I want to say that your builder is not a decorator.  They might know where to find certain builder-grade materials, but they will not know where to find custom, cutting-edge resources.  I know this from experience.  Typically, builders want to get things done quickly.  They want to do whatever they’ve done before.  Actually, most of the time, they appreciate the work of the decorator.  Finally, they have someone who will make decisions.  It can be completely overwhelming to the homeowners to make so many detailed decisions all at once.

I cannot say it enough,  HIRE A DECORATOR BEFORE YOU EVEN POUR THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR HOME.  The finishes and looks need to be decided before anything is done in your home.  It all needs to be cohesive.  A decorator will keep you focused.  He or she will keep things moving along and flowing.  It will keep your house from looking like a hodge podge.  And it will take so much stress off of you.

For example, you’ll be asked to decide details such as these:

Which molding would you like?

Molding profiles divided into the following geometrical categories: plane, concave, convex, and compound.

How would you like your floor laid?

Tile Patterns

What color would you like your wood floors? How wide on the planks?  What pattern? What PSI?

Walnut Wood Floor, Carlisle Wood Floor

bleached wood herringbone

wood plank floors

Which color of grey do you want your walls?

greige walls

What would you like on your countertops and backsplash?

3 counter alternatives to Carrera Marble

So many decisions!!!!

So find someone you like to work with.  Whether you’re building your dream home or remodeling your current home, it should be a fun experience.  A decorator can take so much stress away.  You can feel confident that all of that money you’re spending is going to turn out beautifully.  You’ll have a wonderful place to enjoy your family and entertain friends.  Your home should be a reflection of you.  Don’t settle for the look all of your neighbors have in their homes.  Make your home unique and find someone who can help you do that!




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