Different Dining Rooms

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  It’s been so busy with kids and work, not to mention I’m having some health issues.  Hopefully, that can be resolved soon!

Anyway, there hasn’t been much that has caught my eye lately as I’ve been looking through pictures, except for several dining rooms.  They are all different, and I really like each one.  Which is your favorite?

Design by Dee Dee Taylor Eustace.  Check out the entire house HERE.  It is awesome!


I love this room. I just wish all the chairs were green.  So pretty.  It’s like a tropical drink. SOURCE 

More blue!  I love everything about this room as it is seen in this picture. I’m not crazy about the curtains that you can’t see.  It looks so colorful and sophisticated here.  It’s by designer Fawn Galli.  SOURCE

<p>*it would be xmas morning every day seeing this in my house*<br />

Again with the blue!  I think these slipcovers are so soft and pretty.


Such an extraordinary mix of color, pattern and texture!  Beautiful!  Designed by Ashley Whitaker.

Ashley Whitaker again.  Beautiful design.  There are so many details that make this space custom and luxurious.

Hope you have a good weekend!  I can hear the baby talking upstairs, so I better run!

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