Dream Office

So I haven’t used my office the way I thought I would when we moved in our house.  It has literally become a closet for all of my art, craft, and design supplies.  I grab what I need out of the room and bring it back downstairs to the kitchen to work.  Mostly because I have a three year old and nine month old.  I’m usually watching them while I’m working on a project.  So with that being said I think we’re turning my office into a storage/gym.  Unusual combination, right?  My husband needs a place to put his exercise equipment, and I want the treadmill out of the play room.  I thought I would post a few of my favorite inspiration photos!

A small work space doesn't need to be small on style, fabulous details in lighting and the wallpaper.

LOVE this wallpaper!  This is my dream!!!!

Oh, this is an organized craft room, studio! Lots of great ideas to get organized.

I’m not sure this attainable for me… But I will try!


So cute!



craft room/office...

Great color!

I’m thinking about buying several pieces from the Martha Stewart line at Home Decorators.  Has anyone bought any of her craft storage furniture?  It looks perfect.

Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Eight-Drawer Flat-File Cabinet - Craft Tables - Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Furniture - Martha Stewart Living™ | HomeDecorators.com


2 thoughts on “Dream Office

  1. Thanks! If I ever build a house, I’m going to put my workspace right off the kitchen. I don’t like being with my family while I’m working, and everyone is always in the kitchen! Keep me updated on your kitchen! Kitchens are my favorite things to design!

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