Nursery Brainstorming

We have great news, we’re having our second boy!  I’m so excited for Thatcher to have a little buddy to play with.  I treasure my sister and all the hours we spent playing school, games, dolls, etc.  I’m sure my little monkeys will be climbing trees, shooting BB guns, and generally causing mischief.  And I can’t be more happy or excited about it!

I definitely had a vision for a girl nursery.  But this boy thing is stumping me.  I don’t want to make the same mistake I made with the first nursery, and the hubby has given me some restrictions (bah humbug!).

With the first nursery I got carried away with all the cutsie baby things.  I started uncontrollably buying anything that had a sheep on it.  Well just as you can imagine, I’m sick of sheep!  I’m usually totally against any sort of theme, but somehow I lost control.  I will not make that mistake this time!  I’m going to try to pick items that will last awhile, stand the test of time, and grow with this little boy.  And my husband has said that I have to leave the room the same color for five years!  Five years!  Sheesh… I like changing things so this is difficult for me.

I’ve found these three pictures that represent the feel and look I want for this room.  They are cozy with just the right amount of character and charm.


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Great post by lauren leonard interiors at The Cottage Mix.

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Cote de Texas.  Check out the rest of this house.  Pretty incredible.

So as I look at these pictures I think would describe these rooms as classic, all-American, and timeless.  Hopefully, I can achieve the same feel for this little guy.