Up, Up, Up

Sometimes the staircase in a home is overlooked, but I think that’s a mistake.  It’s a huge architectural feature in your home, and it can really make a statement.  Here are a few I really like.

source unkown

I LOVE this railing.  It’s dainty and strong at the same time.  It’s modern and a little French (which I always love).  So sophisticated.

James Hunniford-designer.  Another iron staircase.  These metal staircases are my obsession right now.  I love the thin lines they create.  And the gold railing on this one, makes it so rich.

Liz Hands Wood- designer. This look is definitely sophisticated but the grass runner gives it a great California casual feel.
Fairfax & Sammons Architecture.  The spindles on this staircase are very straight and thin, almost streamline.  This house is so traditional and like this simpleness with everything else going on.
Kathryn Scott Design.  The stairs are marble.  This is very formal but really makes it French.
This one is so different.  It’s a tudor style house.  The baluster is very traditional in design, but they whole thing feels up to date with the are and white paint.
Peter Dunham Design.  This is your standard traditional railing.  Dunham has updated this look with the great pattern.  And the white paneling looks great.
Loi Thai Design.  They kept the original balusters and painted everything white.  Looks so beautiful with the light floors.
Mary McDonald Design.  This is a wonderful combination of so many great design techniques.  Again, a traditional staircase, but she’s added a beautiful tile pattern, gorgeous wallpaper, grass runner to soften things up, and a brass lantern for more shine.
This look is so beachy and soft.  The balusters have lovely rounded tops.  So cute!
VT Interiors.  Beautiful custom details on this railing.  It’s specifically designed for this home, giving it a modern, casual feel.  Love it with the traditional paneling.
This staircase totally gives character to this space.  It reminds me of an updated chalet!
Black railing.  I almost did this to our current house. I’m so glad I didn’t!  I still like it, but it wouldn’t have worked in our home.
So many to choose from!  Do you have a favorite?