Dream Office

So I haven’t used my office the way I thought I would when we moved in our house.  It has literally become a closet for all of my art, craft, and design supplies.  I grab what I need out of the room and bring it back downstairs to the kitchen to work.  Mostly because I have a three year old and nine month old.  I’m usually watching them while I’m working on a project.  So with that being said I think we’re turning my office into a storage/gym.  Unusual combination, right?  My husband needs a place to put his exercise equipment, and I want the treadmill out of the play room.  I thought I would post a few of my favorite inspiration photos!

A small work space doesn't need to be small on style, fabulous details in lighting and the wallpaper.

LOVE this wallpaper!  This is my dream!!!!

Oh, this is an organized craft room, studio! Lots of great ideas to get organized.

I’m not sure this attainable for me… But I will try!


So cute!



craft room/office...

Great color!

I’m thinking about buying several pieces from the Martha Stewart line at Home Decorators.  Has anyone bought any of her craft storage furniture?  It looks perfect.

Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Eight-Drawer Flat-File Cabinet - Craft Tables - Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Furniture - Martha Stewart Living™ | HomeDecorators.com


Supper Club

My husband I are a part of a group of couples that have a Supper Club.  Once a month each couple hosts the group for dinner.  We hosted in January.  It was so fun.  We ate dinner and played games.


The theme was blue, white, and yellow with a Provincial twist.  I collect blue Spode ware.  So I used that and added some of white dishes.



Love this blue and white tablecloth from Wisteria.  This was the appetizer table.



It was a party!!!  I even made jello shots.  Classy, right?

These are the condiments for the white hot chocolate.  Bowls from Williams Sonoma.

Yummy cookies from McLaren’s Pantry in Edmond.


Can’t wait for the next Supper Club get together!!!

Plate Display

So I needed something on my big, white, blank wall in our breakfast area.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but it needed color and character.

I found this picture on Pinterest that I loved.

Pinned Image

house and home

I thought it might be difficult to find so many plates that fit together.  It really wan’t.  I shopped around and found plates for reasonable prices at TJ Maxx, Dillard’s, and Pier 1.

I laid out my pattern on the floor.  I had to take about 6 plates back.  I just had too many for the design and the wall.

Then traced and labeled all the plates so I would have a template for the wall.  Thank you to my sister for climbing the ladder, so this pregnant lady wouldn’t have to!  Then I put on the Dischangers.  I googled and searched Pinterest for ways to hang plates.  Everyone said these worked great!  They are very reasonable.  I hated those old wire plate hangers.  They are so difficult to attach.  These are permanent, but that’s okay with me.  They work wonderfully!



We measured how far down the hook would be and put our nail into the paper template.  Then hung the plates!




I’m really happy with this look.  I think it looks really cute with the new window seat pillows and the colors in the family room.


Doggie Birthday

I can’t believe my baby turned two!  He’s such a big boy now and so much fun!  We had a Doggie themed birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  Sam the Balloon Man also came and made balloon animals for the kids.  I think he was a big hit!












Thank you to everyone who came and made Thatcher’s day so special!


Cookies:  The Cookie Princess

Quiche: La Baguette

French Breakfast Puffs (recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman)  If you’ve never made these, definitely make them for the holidays!!!

Favors: Puppy Chow 








Fall Luncheon

Yesterday, I had some friends over for lunch.  It was a small, casual affair so we ate a yummy lunch of soup and salad at the kitchen table.  I decided not to go with your typical fall colors of orange, yellow and brown.  My new etsy pillows are grey and blue, and I already had a blue and brown table cloth from Anthropologie.  One of the reasons I do this blog is to give all of you out there new ideas or good resources.  So, today, I thought I would go through my table setting and share where I got everything.  I think it goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to set a beautiful table.



Tablecloth on sale from Anthropologie about three years ago.  The pumpkin came from Whole Foods.  The candles and hurricanes are from Pier 1.  Always remember, never put scented candles on a table while your eating.

I love these bowls!  I got them for Christmas last year.  They are the perfect size for soups, chili, and pasta.  You have no idea how long I looked for bowls just this size.  They are from Anthropologie, and they had them yesterday!  Just checked the site, and they are gone 😦  Here is another option for you.  My mom bought the Flame Leaf Bowls, and they are very cute too!

I have some beautiful crystal goblets that go with my Vera Wang china.  When I put everything together, they were just too fancy for this event.  My everyday glass were just not looking up to par, so I started to look for some new tea/water glasses.  I found several options on Anthropologie, but, alas, the Anthro of OKC is not quite finished.  And I didn’t really want to make the trek to the mall with the toddler.  So I did some brainstorming…

Here is what I wanted:

Here is what I found, at Dollar General!

Isn’t it cute!?  They are really nice, heavy glasses.

My everyday white plates from Crate and Barrel are very nice, but they didn’t really look great with the blue and white Anthro bowls.  Again Dollar General had just what I was looking for.

I think these are the perfect size for luncheons and showers.  I’m planning on going back to buy about 30 more.  I love using real plates at showers instead of paper.  I think it makes things so much elegant and special.  I had some cloth napkins from Ikea, but they were not looking so great.  These napkins came from Tuesday Morning.  The napkin rings are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I’m loving my new pillows.  I’ve been very happy with the quality.

The two turquoise and burlap flag pillows are from Wisteria a couple of years ago.  They grey and white stripe are from the etsy store Modern Marvelous Home.  The ikat pillow is from the etsy store Martha and Ash.

Every party should have fresh flowers.  I don’t like spending a lot of money on arrangements, so most of the time I do them myself.  One of my favorite places to get flowers is the Homeland by my house.

I hope you are having a wonderful fall season.  I would love to hear some of your favorite table or party decorating tips!



What’s on my mind?

I have several projects going on right now.  Some for me and some for clients.  Here’s what’s in my head…

satisfying spaces



house and home


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brook gianetti

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Pinned Image



Pinned Image

Pinned Image

restoration hardware


lily jane stationary


Oh and I forgot about the baby!  So here’s a nursery pic…

Pinned Image

I think this is Sarah Richardson…









I Miss You All

Hello fellow bloggers!  I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for last month and a half; however, I have some exciting news… I’m going to have a baby in March!  We are absolutely thrilled!  Unfortunately, I have been VERY, VERY SICK.  And busy.  Trying to get rest and eat (anything) while you have a 20 month old has been very difficult.   I’m hoping to feel better in the next few weeks.  Then I can get back to blogging.  There are so many exciting things about being pregnant, but one of the most fun (for me) is decorating the nursery.  So I’ll leave you with a little nursery inspiration.  Much love! stacy